Which Language is the Best Programming Language?

There are so many programming languages evolved into the software industry as of 2018 like JavaScript, swift, Python, Java, C++, ruby, rust, R. Java and dot net are the old programming language with the enterprise application. Let me compare the java and dot net in detail.  Both these technologies have evolved over years and have a good community to follow. There are advantages and disadvantages in all the programming language. Let me list out some of the differences between the Java and dot net. Join the JAVA Training in Chennai to learn about the latest changes in the Java technology.

Difference between Java and Dot Net

  1. Dot net support C#, VB.NET, C++, Net, PHP, Ruby, and python whereas Java supports Clojure, groovy, scala, PHP, ruby, python, and Javascript.
  2. Dot net support C#, VB.NET, C++, Net, PHP, Ruby, and python whereas Java supports Clojure, groovy, scala, PHP, ruby, python, and JavaScript. JAVA Course in Chennai is the best course for the beginners.
  3. Dot net runs on the virtual machine which is common language runtime whereas java runs on Java virtual machine.
  4. The server components in the dot net are NET.COM and the server components in java are EJBs.
  5. The graphical user interface in dot net is called as .NET class whereas in Java it is called as JavaBeans. Core JAVA Training in Chennai is the best training for the beginners.
  6. The web services support in dot net is built-in whereas the web services support in Java is called an add-on.
  7. The framework for the dot net is Microsoft unit testing framework and NUnit. The framework for Java is JSF.
  8. The data in the access data is ADO.NET/oLeDB and the data access in the java is called as JDBC.
  9. Dot net is mainly designed for the Windows operating system whereas java is platform independent. Java apps run with the principle such as write once and run anywhere and it is not required to rewrite the java coding as per the platform.
  10. The IDE for dot net is Microsoft visual studio and this provides all the facilities to the developers such as coding, debugging, build and deploys the application. There are four IDE’s in the java they are IDE’s Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, and Oracle Net Beans.

Which sort of applications is suitable for dot net and java?

The Dot Net application is suitable for the functions like finance, CRM, and supply management and used for multiple businesses. Dot net applications are used to re-design the applications and provide an environment for overall management of the applications. The single access point in the dot net provides customized access to the user. Dot net is used for the multi-user and multi-device and ready to access to information by multi-users. It integrates with various media like e-mail, fax, and phones. Java programming language is used for the gaming, web and enterprise-grade applications. Java has inbuilt networking features and it is easy to use java for networking. The content in the Java language is static and uses HTML. The GUI in Java is efficient and it provides feedback very effectively. Know about the Best J2EE Training in Chennai from the Google reviews and join the best training.

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