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There are a number of online courses which you should consider in this lockdown period. The best time to acquire some new skills and knowledge is this lockdown period. You should learn something new which you are passionate about. By learning these courses, you will increase the chances to get more job opportunities. 


The security can be provided by Amazon web service (AWS) at a lower cost than in an on-premises environment and also helps to protect the privacy as it is stored in AWS data centres. A huge amount of cloud memory which makes available to everyone is AWS. AWS training in Chennai helps you to learn quickly.


DevOps is a group for development and operation team that has proved to be an effective practice and helps in increasing a company’s growth. It helps in reducing the time for cycles of development. DevOps training in Chennai ensures a faster rate of innovation.


Dot Net or .Net is one of the easiest programming languages to study in this lockdown. It is very easy if one has good programming skills. The service-oriented architectures and multiple object-oriented programming languages can be provided by Dotnet. Dot net training in Chennai makes the developers learn more about the field.


Salesforce adopted by more businesses for their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing plans. Salesforce training would be a natural choice for candidates. Salesforce training in Chennai learns you to know more about the field. 


Hadoop is economical for organizations to set up images making clusters and an open source framework makes it easy. Hadoop is highly scalable and Big data training in Chennai makes you learn more about the big data in Hadoop.


In Europe, German is the most spoken language and more people speak German as their native language than any other language. Learning German in this lockdown will help you to get more job opportunities in foreign countries as German translators, content writers etc. German Classes in Chennai increases your job opportunity.


English is the language of the world and a critical language to success. It is necessary to learn English because you can like to travel around the world and meet people on trips with different cultures. Spoken English Classes in Chennai help you to become a good learner in English.  


By taking an IELTS test, you are able to apply to study at many international schools, universities, for immigration purposes. You will improve your English language skills and knowledge. IELTS Coaching in Chennai helps you to learn and improve more English knowledge. 


Top Trending technologies in 2020

There are few trending courses in 2020 which make it easier to learn more skills and knowledge. The below courses will definitely increase your job opportunities in today’s world.


In the IT field, Java is being used by everyone. It is an object-oriented programming language. Java developers are in high demand in the IT field. Professionals should learn Java because of its development. Java is on the top list of programming languages and no one can replace it. Java training in Chennai makes you learn the code tactics easily.


In the world of software, Python is the most used programming language. Learning Python at this time will definitely increase your skills and knowledge. It has easy syntax when compared to any other programming languages which has complicated syntax. Python developers get paid high salaries and they are in high demand especially for those developers who are in the field of machine learning, web development and data science. Python training in Chennai makes you learn fast.


The best open source tool and free of charge for developers is Selenium and it doesn’t need any browser or Operating Systems. Selenium can be supported by many programming languages and selenium training in Chennai wants you to become a best developer in that field.


The great field where the person knows how to use their skills in math, statistics, programming, and other related subjects to organise large data sets is Data science. Data science course in Chennai makes you learn the tactics in the field.


RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation which is often coupled with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. RPA makes it possible to automate more tasks using semi-structured and unstructured data in RPA. RPA training in Chennai makes you want to learn more about automation.


Digital marketing skills can be applied to any type of field. It is necessary to learn the English language to communicate. Digital marketing course in Chennai makes you learn more about the digital marketing field and increases your job opportunity in any field.


Many non-programmers choose PHP as it is easy to pick up and learn without writing any code and the PHP training in Chennai makes you the best web developer. The power of PHP can be understood only by Web developers. 


AngularJS is the popular framework which is an open source and self-motivated JavaScript framework used. AngularJS training in Chennai allows you to learn more about the AngularJS field.